Real Learning Summit 2021

Gayatri Agnew Keynote Address

Where did all the women go?
Post-Pandemic Engagement of Women in the Workforce

Gayatri Agnew


2020 was a difficult year for all businesses. The impact was particularly great on female employees. In October 2020, there were 2.2 million fewer women in the labor force than there were in October 2019. And McKinsey, who conducts one the most comprehensive, longitudinal studies of women in the workplace, reports that today there are another 2 million women thinking about stepping back at work, or leaving the workplace altogether.

As corporate communities, we were making good progress toward integrating women into the ranks of management. What does this step back mean to our workforces, our businesses and our education institutions? And what are steps we can take to re-engage women?

Here to discuss the current state and possible solutions:

Gayatri Agnew
Founder and Creator, Mother’s Monday

Gayatri is motivated by creating social impact, with a focus on economic development and empowering people to gain skills they need to pursue their dreams.

She is a member of several national boards focused on issues of gender equality and motherhood. In 2020, she founded Mother’s Monday (, to work with leaders to innovatively integrate motherhood and work.  She also serves on the Bentonville, Arkansas City Council.

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